The Alphabet Game: Part 1 BY: Andie M. Long

The Alphabet Game: Part 1
BY: Andie M. Long

Stella has been trying for two long years to get a job in one of London’s top law firms. She finally gets that interview she has been dreaming of. Working as the PA of one of the feistiest attorney’s, or so she thought. Her interview at Gregory & Sons is not what she expected.

Stella really wants to work at this law firm. She gets the interview but not for the Gregory she thought. Her interview is with Gabe Gregory the eldest son of the power attorney. Gabe has a plan for Stella, they both have issues with their paternal units and want to take them down. How? Well, the by playing the Alphabet Game. Gabe is “training” Stella how to go about taking down the enemy. Sounds weird but every lesson she gets from Gabe is HOT!!! Lesson one, A. A is for Arousal.

Gabe is a hot alpha who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Stella is in it for the experience and to see her goal become a reality. Take down the man that took her mother away. Hot sex and dirty talk, yes please! Alphabet Game is a game we would all love to play.

The plot is intriguing, but a quick, fun read. The dialogue was good, and kept my interest. I would recommend this book


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Zany, enthusiastic, mum of one who loves escaping in books via writing and reading. I have written two novels (currently editing) and a novella which is one of a series of four. I write a blog, ‘The Emergence of the Invisible Writer’ for Word Bohemia. In the past I have freelance interviewed Freya North, Sheila O’Flanagan, Lindsey Kelk, Carrie Jones, Matt Haig, Jill Mansell and Jane Green for Ink Pantry Publishing and have several published short stories and poems.

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